Hangin’ Out W/ All Around Talented Babe Maly Mann

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Here at Back Beat Rags we always try to pick models who are multi faceted and talented. We always look at their personal style and hobbies because we love for their personalities and style to come thru on our shoots- we definitely like to work with girls who we’d love to hang out with IRL.

For this Hangin’ Out photo sesh, we shot with Maly Mann, who we’ve been dying to work with forever because we are such big fans of her style and everything she does. Shot against the sick scenery of Griffith Park, it was the perfect day to just chill and ask her some q’s while taking rad photos of our SS18 collection.

Maly is wearing the Tencel Twill Easy Jacket on Ochre shop HERE and the Tencel Twill Paper Bag Pants in Ochre shop HERE

Tell us a little bit about yourself, we know you’re an artist first and model second. What kind of art do you do and how did you get into modeling and how (if you do) merge both worlds?

Art is pretty difficult for me to talk about, mainly because it ranges from writing, painting, photography, and then there is modeling. I started focusing on art at a really young age, and as time pass everything kind of fell into my lap – I don’t have the glorious story of getting scouted at my hometown mall, it’s been a rough year in the modeling world but I’m starting to get a gauge of it all. Phew!

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Maly wears the Hemp Inside Out Crop Tee shop HERE and the Recycled Polyester Work Pant in Black shop HERE

Anything else creative wise you like to do? We saw that you take photographs too. 

Yes! I love photography as well as all of the other art I like. Being surrounded by amazing photographers has really pushed me to keep using it as a medium!

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Tell us a little bit more about your style and what/who inspires you. 

My style is very loose, I really don’t have a specific wardrobe. I’m very inspired by the sixties with a flare of 90’s french tomboy. If you went into my closet, you’d find an array of pleated pants, wide-legged pants, white tee’s and knitted sweaters.

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     Maly is wearing the Organic Cotton Tie Back Jumpsuit in Stone- shop HERE.

You’re based in Long Beach! tell us a bit more about LB. 

Long Beach is where I was born and raised, I still currently live there! It is such a hard place to leave. At the moment, I live a few blocks away from the beach in a charming three bedroom craftsman home, which makes it harder to leave.

Any spots you recommend? Food? Shops? Cool things that only locals would know about?
COFFEE. Coffee is great here. I would recommend Lord Windsor and Rose Park Roasters. A+ coffee shops to do work and get a caffeine buzz.

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Maly wears the Hemp Faded Vintage Sweatshirt in Golden shop HERE

and the Organic Cotton Painter Pant in Leaf shop HERE

Tell us 3 things about you that would surprise us. 

1. I am the youngest of 6.
2. I am also a singer.
3. I played percussion in middle school.

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Maly wears the High Neck Jumpsuit in Moss. Shop HERE

What’s your favorite food?

My momma’s Cambodian meals.

What’s your ultimate favorite place in the world?
My couch, next to my boyfriend and dog (currently here as we speak).

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Maly wears the Organic Cotton Band Tee in Ochre. Shop HERE

What’s next for Maly?

Hopefully more travel, and expansion within my career!

Photography: Brittney Christie
Styling: Isadora Alvarez
Location: Bronson Canyon