Behind The Scenes: Who Made My Clothes? #MADEINLA

Here at BackBeatRags we are fully committed to giving you better choices when it comes to clothing. We not only use lower impact fabrics, but also make sure we produce everything (including hangtags and labels) 100% locally so that our clothing has a smaller environmental footprint. By doing this, we get to know the hands that touch our clothing and make sure that they are treated fairly and work in decent conditions (plus be able to hang out and crack jokes with them on the reg).

So for this year’s Earth Day + Fashion Revolution Week’s Campaign of #whomadeyourclothes we wanted give you a little peek into our process and shine the spotlight on the workers that have a huge hand in keeping the brand running. Its always honor to be able to work alongside these men and women so this is our little way of showing our deepest appreciation for them.

This is Daniel- he is our main dye guy. He shakes his head in amusement at us whenever we’re on the 5th sample of a color because we have to get it EXACTLY right.

`Music is always playing at all the factories

Garments being washed

Dye house guys hard at work

Our founder Isadora discussing color percentages with Hugo, the owner of the dye house. Hugo has a cool story- he used to be a dye worker at a denim washing factory until one day he decided that he would open up his own dye house. It took him two tries to get it up and running successfully. Its so inspiring that he never gave up on his dreams after failing the first time. 

The factory under the freeway


Empty sewing room means break time

Organic sweatshirts and hemp tees all ready to go. we don’t encase our tees individually in plastic to eliminate unnecessary waste. 


Men at work

Mercedes (top) and Dalia (bottom) are the ladies that make sure everything is trimmed, counted, steamed, and folded. They are ALWAYS smiling and super happy to see us. They save us from going crazy when we have hundreds of shirts to count and sort. 

The sewing factory scarecrow.

All photos shot on film by: Dustin Tan

Video by: Aya Garcia

Hanging out: Musician Pearl Charles

Vintage will always be our first love here at BackBeatRags, we started as a vintage shop specializing in tees after all, so for fall we wanted a more vintage focused shoot for our lookbook. We finally got our chance when stars aligned and we got to catch musician, and LA local, Pearl Charles right after she finished her summer tour (so fresh off the tour that she literally just got back the night before our shoot).

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BackBeatCruisin’ – BAJA Edition

Wanting to end summer ’16 with a bang, we headed off to an epic 6 day surf/camp trip to Baja.

After an 8+ hr drive from Los Angeles, our first stop brought us to a secret spot right on the beach with the most mellow beach break and an endless supply of free lobsters and fish from the very generous local fishermen. Second stop before heading back home gave us some insane cliff side camping, surreal views of the ocean, and a heavier point break.

No showers, no toilets, no electricity and definitely no WI-FI or even cell service at some spots put us completely off the grid.

Thank god we had a buncha crazy homies in the group to keep the laughs going, and our organic clothing to keep us looking, well, pretty fuckin’ cool.

Here are some shots of the trip and a Baja tip list for kooks at the end of the post.

fish market












Never been to Baja? Here’s some Baja tips we wish we knew (or shit we knew but didn’t really follow)

 1. DO NOT DRIVE AT NIGHT. It’s the number one rule in every Baja rule book and we broke it. Not fun battling transformer like big rigs going super fast on unlit winding roads. Plus, armed guards at check points are more scary at night.

2. Bring baby wipes, and a shovel. Outhouses are sometimes available but most of the time you will want to use the great outdoors as your baño instead.

3. Prepare random things for bartering or to give as gifts to locals- t-shirts, candy, magazines, SPAM (this was legit popular with the fishermen). Offer to pay with cash first, but if they refuse give them something as a way of saying thanks.

4. At checkpoints, keep your cool, make eye contact, make sure you know at least a couple of Spanish words to be able to say where you’re going, and don’t act like an idiot.

5. Have a shit ton of fun and eat as many damn lobsters/crabs/fish as you can because it won’t get any fresher than eating it right after its caught.


Want to see more photos? Check out our BackBeatCrusin’ – BAJA Edition album on Pinterest 

October Pop-up Schedule


To RSVP and get more info on each event click on the links below:

10/19 Local Mercato 

Come sip on some snazzy cocktails, and shop our organics collection staged in a beautiful space set up by HD Buttercup

A percentage of our profits from this event goes to Milk + Bookies, a non-profit org

that exposes young children to how great it feels to give back while celebrating the love of a good book.

10/22-10/23 Artisanal LA Fall Market

Taste, shop, sample and learn while supporting the local economy and local artisanal vendors at our seasonal shows and pop-up shops. Artisanal LA is a pop-up community event with weekend long seasonal shows and shops celebrating the city’s finest local, sustainable and handmade edibles.

10/28 Autumn Artist Affair at Mar Vista Art Department

To celebrate the new season our friends over at Whimsy + Row teamed up with a handful of local makers and shakers to have a Fall shindig. Also a perfect excuse to get together and spend an evening filled with festive cocktails, handmade bites, and of course shopping

10/30- Melrose Trading Post

Where we bring all our best vintage plus organics. Find us at the food court area Space R31