Hangin’ Out W/ All Around Talented Babe Maly Mann

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Here at Back Beat Rags we always try to pick models who are multi faceted and talented. We always look at their personal style and hobbies because we love for their personalities and style to come thru on our shoots- we definitely like to work with girls who we’d love to hang out with IRL.

For this Hangin’ Out photo sesh, we shot with Maly Mann, who we’ve been dying to work with forever because we are such big fans of her style and everything she does. Shot against the sick scenery of Griffith Park, it was the perfect day to just chill and ask her some q’s while taking rad photos of our SS18 collection.

Maly is wearing the Tencel Twill Easy Jacket on Ochre shop HERE and the Tencel Twill Paper Bag Pants in Ochre shop HERE

Tell us a little bit about yourself, we know you’re an artist first and model second. What kind of art do you do and how did you get into modeling and how (if you do) merge both worlds?

Art is pretty difficult for me to talk about, mainly because it ranges from writing, painting, photography, and then there is modeling. I started focusing on art at a really young age, and as time pass everything kind of fell into my lap – I don’t have the glorious story of getting scouted at my hometown mall, it’s been a rough year in the modeling world but I’m starting to get a gauge of it all. Phew!

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Maly wears the Hemp Inside Out Crop Tee shop HERE and the Recycled Polyester Work Pant in Black shop HERE

Anything else creative wise you like to do? We saw that you take photographs too. 

Yes! I love photography as well as all of the other art I like. Being surrounded by amazing photographers has really pushed me to keep using it as a medium!

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Tell us a little bit more about your style and what/who inspires you. 

My style is very loose, I really don’t have a specific wardrobe. I’m very inspired by the sixties with a flare of 90’s french tomboy. If you went into my closet, you’d find an array of pleated pants, wide-legged pants, white tee’s and knitted sweaters.

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     Maly is wearing the Organic Cotton Tie Back Jumpsuit in Stone- shop HERE.

You’re based in Long Beach! tell us a bit more about LB. 

Long Beach is where I was born and raised, I still currently live there! It is such a hard place to leave. At the moment, I live a few blocks away from the beach in a charming three bedroom craftsman home, which makes it harder to leave.

Any spots you recommend? Food? Shops? Cool things that only locals would know about?
COFFEE. Coffee is great here. I would recommend Lord Windsor and Rose Park Roasters. A+ coffee shops to do work and get a caffeine buzz.

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Maly wears the Hemp Faded Vintage Sweatshirt in Golden shop HERE

and the Organic Cotton Painter Pant in Leaf shop HERE

Tell us 3 things about you that would surprise us. 

1. I am the youngest of 6.
2. I am also a singer.
3. I played percussion in middle school.

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Maly wears the High Neck Jumpsuit in Moss. Shop HERE

What’s your favorite food?

My momma’s Cambodian meals.

What’s your ultimate favorite place in the world?
My couch, next to my boyfriend and dog (currently here as we speak).

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Maly wears the Organic Cotton Band Tee in Ochre. Shop HERE

What’s next for Maly?

Hopefully more travel, and expansion within my career!

Photography: Brittney Christie
Styling: Isadora Alvarez
Location: Bronson Canyon



BackBeatCruisin’ – Aya Garcia and Paige Maddison in Siargao

*BackBeatRags’ Note: We travelled with these two amazing ladies in the past (see our BackBeatCruisin’ Baja Edition post) and thought that their friendship was pretty special.  They don’t live in the same country but often go off together on some surf adventures around the world. When we found out that they were going on a three-week surf trip to Siargao Island in the Philippines, we asked Aya to write a little bit about the island, what it’s like to travel together and of course, asked them to run around Siargao wearing our clothes.  



Words and Photography by Aya Garcia

When travelling, you meet some amazing people along the way.

Some you never speak to or see again but you truly enjoyed your time with them, and the memories stay with you for years. Then there are those rare few that you meet and you end up planning a trip together, and another one after that.

Paige and I met by chance in Siargao, Philippines back in 2015. We had a shared passion for photography and surfing so we instantly connected. I was at a time when I was just really getting into taking photos with my different film cameras and Paige was travelling the world as a Reef ambassador.


Trekking across an island to find some surf
The first time I took a photo of Paige in the water. I had no idea how many adventures we would be going on together after that.
Waiting in between sets.
Wave check at Cloud 9. Paige is wearing the Organic Cotton Jumpsuit in Denim. Available here.

We seemed to feed off of each other creatively and constantly encourage each other to shoot and find inspiration within our surroundings. I needed to practice my photography and she was super supportive about that and pushed me to find different perspectives in visual storytelling.  It’s great to have a friend to pass the camera back and forth with and have fun shooting each other.


We connected a few more times after that in Canada, California and even took a trip down to Baja, Mexico after that. Last April, we decided to go back to the island we first met at for our next adventure, Siargao.


Siargao is a teardrop shaped island, southeast of the Philippines. Its coastline is lined up with reef breaks, small point breaks, and white, sandy beaches. It’s actually paradise. When I first visited this island thirteen years ago, there were only dirt roads, no airport, and the lineup was generally uncrowded. You would have to work hard to get to some good surf.



Life on this island is fairly simple. Sometimes there is a lot of waiting around for the tide to shift, rain to stop and for the swell to come in. That’s when you can explore, nap, have a picnic with friends, explore other islands or go fishing instead. People don’t need much to be happy around these parts. All the locals are warm, laid back, and friendly. Filipinos are just generally happy to share everything they have (in most cases, very little) with you as long as you are willing to learn about their culture. Respect the locals and their land, that’s the number one rule in travelling.


Local lady slider

Today, some of the roads have been cemented, resorts have been popping up everywhere and there is now an airport with about four flights coming in daily. That is a big change for this little island. Fortunately, there is a growing awareness of how garbage is a serious problem here. Local surfers, shop owners and resort owners banded together and set up scheduled beach cleanups and have set up garbage bins around the busy areas. I love the sense of community there is among the locals here. Tourism has certainly had a huge boom here in the last 5 years, I hope this island can keep up with it. 


We walked a little further, climbed some big rocks and found this little spot.


Paige and I met up in Manila, our bags full of film, cameras, bikinis and some fresh threads from BackBeatRags. We then took the next early morning flight out to Siargao. For two weeks Paige and I explored that island on our motorbikes.



Photo by JP Sarmiento. Paige is wearing the Unisex Hemp Tee in Golden and Aya is wearing the Hemp Boxy Tee in Olive. Both available here
Photo by JP Sarmiento

Paige wearing the Ochre Recycled Cotton Cami Midi Dress, available here

The first few days we took it easy since the waves were pretty small and took some boat trips out to the smaller less inhabited islands surrounding Siargao. Boat rides were definitely one of my favourite things about this Island. We rode boats in all shapes and sizes.


If you look a little harder you might some places to explore without the crowds.

We even figured out a wicked routine of stopping on the side of the road to buy some fresh pan de coco and coffee before a surf check. When the swell picked up we decided to surf the outer reef spots and took the opportunity to take some underwater photos after a few sessions.


Sometimes Paige would take the camera and snap a photo of me.

After a few hangovers, wipeouts, flat days, endless reef cuts and even a lost tooth, I would say it was a very good trip.


It’s amazing to find a connection so real in a world of social media. It’s also really nice to have a friend to enjoy your travels with. It’s a hit and miss most times when travelling with others, so when I do find someone who is at the same pace as me, I make sure to nurture that friendship. I would say Paige has definitely made an impact on my photography and I’m very grateful for that. Currently, we are back at our respective cities sending each other photos but we are for sure going to be planning our next little adventure together.


To see more of Aya Garcia’s work- check out her website here.

To see more of Paige Madison- check out her website here.



Behind The Scenes: Who Made My Clothes? #MADEINLA

Here at BackBeatRags we are fully committed to giving you better choices when it comes to clothing. We not only use lower impact fabrics, but also make sure we produce everything (including hangtags and labels) 100% locally so that our clothing has a smaller environmental footprint. By doing this, we get to know the hands that touch our clothing and make sure that they are treated fairly and work in decent conditions (plus be able to hang out and crack jokes with them on the reg).

So for this year’s Earth Day + Fashion Revolution Week’s Campaign of #whomadeyourclothes we wanted give you a little peek into our process and shine the spotlight on the workers that have a huge hand in keeping the brand running. Its always honor to be able to work alongside these men and women so this is our little way of showing our deepest appreciation for them.

This is Daniel- he is our main dye guy. He shakes his head in amusement at us whenever we’re on the 5th sample of a color because we have to get it EXACTLY right.

`Music is always playing at all the factories

Garments being washed

Dye house guys hard at work

Our founder Isadora discussing color percentages with Hugo, the owner of the dye house. Hugo has a cool story- he used to be a dye worker at a denim washing factory until one day he decided that he would open up his own dye house. It took him two tries to get it up and running successfully. Its so inspiring that he never gave up on his dreams after failing the first time. 

The factory under the freeway


Empty sewing room means break time

Organic sweatshirts and hemp tees all ready to go. we don’t encase our tees individually in plastic to eliminate unnecessary waste. 


Men at work

Mercedes (top) and Dalia (bottom) are the ladies that make sure everything is trimmed, counted, steamed, and folded. They are ALWAYS smiling and super happy to see us. They save us from going crazy when we have hundreds of shirts to count and sort. 

The sewing factory scarecrow.

All photos shot on film by: Dustin Tan

Video by: Aya Garcia

Hanging out: Musician Pearl Charles

Vintage will always be our first love here at BackBeatRags, we started as a vintage shop specializing in tees after all, so for fall we wanted a more vintage focused shoot for our lookbook. We finally got our chance when stars aligned and we got to catch musician, and LA local, Pearl Charles right after she finished her summer tour (so fresh off the tour that she literally just got back the night before our shoot).

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